Networking Xperiences

Networking Xperiences

Name the Song

What: A fun and cool ESPNIC party for the whole family

When: 16 June 18:30 CEST (immediately after Plenary II hosted live from ESPNIC TV Studio)

Cost: Free of charge but spaces are limited. Pre-registration will be required.

How to register: Sign up when you register for ESPNIC 2021. If you are already registered, email:

How to join on the day: Registered participants will receive the link over email to join the Social Event.

Technical instructions:

  • For the best experience, please join from a computer. The scoring software will not work for you if you join from a phone or a tablet.
  • Please be seated in a quiet place. If you plan to be seated with colleagues in the same room, please keep your microphone on mute to avoid echo.

Get Excited!


Young ESPNIC Gathering

What: Your invitation to the Young ESPNIC Gathering.
When: 15 June at 19:30 CEST.
Hosts: Zoltán Györgyi and Francesca Sperotto.
Cost: Free of charge, no pre-registration required.
How to join: Click the banner in the ESPNIC Hub.

SparkX – Meet interesting new people

With the help of our AI system SparkX, we are taking the networking at ESPNIC 2021 to the next level. Quickly find the most relevant participants to connect with and make yourself more easily discoverable, by filling-in a few simple questions. More details will be shared closer to the meeting.

What is SparkX?

SparkX is an AI-based networking platform at ESPNIC 2021. It will recommend you the most relevant people you should meet at the Online Xperience and enables you to chat with them or set a 1-on-1 meeting.

How does SparkX Work?

As a registered participant to ESPNIC 2021, you will receive an invite to build a profile in the days building-up to the Meeting. SparkX then analyses your profile and matches it other participants’ profiles, based on your networking goals, interests and professional background.

Once ESPNIC 2021 begins and the Meeting Platform opens, go to the ESPNIC Hub and click on the SparkX button. From inside SparkX, you will be able to view and edit your profile, plus review your recommendations on who to meet during the Meeting.

If you want to connect with one of your recommendations, like their profile. If they like you as well, then you are a match!

With a match, you can start chatting via the SparkX platform or set a 1-on-1 meeting.

The platform will also generate a calendar reminder and provide a video meeting room for each of your meetings.

How do I get started?

A few days before the Meeting, you will receive an invite to the email address you used to register for the Meeting. The email will ask you to complete your SparkX profile. In under 2 minutes, you will be able to build your profile and be ready to receive networking recommendations.

Once ESPNIC 2021 Online starts, where do I find SparkX?

The SparkX platform is located in the ESPNIC Hub.

Top Tip

Don’t wait until the Meeting begins to create your profile. We encourage you to build your profile before the Meeting, so you have recommendations waiting for you on the first day.