Young Investigator Award

Young Investigator Award

2 Awards

Up to 2 Awards will be granted

30 March, 2021

Deadline to submit application

Apply when submitting your abstract


To be eligible for this award, several criteria must be covered:

  • The applicant must have an accepted abstract in the programme (Abstract Submission deadline: 30 March, 2021)
  • The applicant must be an ESPNIC member
  • The applicant must be aged less than 40 years
  • Content of the abstract must represent original work and not presented/ or published previously
  • Request for consideration must be made on the abstract form at the time of submission
  • The applicant must be the first author and presenting author of the submitted abstract

*Following application the Secretariat will contact the applicant for a copy of their ID indicating date of birth



  1. Scientific content of abstract
  2. Presentation of the abstract at the Congress
  3. Ability to defend the paper/results during the question time from the audience during the scientific session



  1. Abstracts will be selected for the Award during the abstract review
  2. Selected applicants will be informed in advance and must confirm their attendance to the Meeting



First Prize: 1200 Euro Award, complimentary registration and travel expenses covered up to 500 Euro to the next ESPNIC Annual Meeting and one year complimentary membership

Second Prize: 800 Euro Award, one year complimentary membership, complimentary registration to the next ESPNIC Annual Meeting

* Prizes are awarded at the discretion of the committee and the decisions made are final.

Winners will be announced at the ESPNIC Annual Meeting, and will be presented with a certificate with a letter confirming their prize.