Pre-recorded sessions

Pre-recorded sessions

Available on demand, from the first day of the meeting

Nutrition in the intensive care unit 
• Feeding the Preterm Short Gut Infant
Lynne Latten, UK
• Feeding the Obese Child in the PICU
Sacha Verbruggen, Netherlands

Caring for the team so they can care for others 
• An alternative addressing moral adversity to relieve moral distress
Cynda Rushton, USA
• Staff well-being at work
Gillian Colville, UK

How to implement family-center care 
• Impact of COVID-19 on the delivery of family-centred care delivery
Jos Latour, UK
• Coping with unexpected circumstances
Paulien Raaymakers, Netherlands

Neuromonitoring and beyond
• Practical approach to continuous EEG monitoring in the PICU
Karl Schettler, Germany
• Therapeutic hypothermia: when and how?
Alexis Topjian, USA

Getting the patient in your unit 
• Challenges and recommendations for transport of children with highly contagious infection
Ulrich Terheggen, Switzerland
• How to make the right diagnose on transport? – Limited resources but new technical devices
Lluis Subirana-Campos, Spain

Recognising the deteriorating child 
• Implementing the updated APLS guidelines
Alexis Topjian, USA
• When we must change strategy during neonatal resuscitation
Gianluca Lista, Italy 

Big data in the intensive care unit 
• Big intensive care data: how to extract, filter and safely use medical data
Andrea Wolfler, Italy
• Introducing machine learning and data registries in the intensive care unit
Tng Chang Kowk, UK

Moving to an online learning environment 
• How to design an online learning programme
Alberto Medina, Spain
• Impact of extended reality on learning and outcomes
Vinay Nadkarni, USA

Trials in pharmacology 
• Clinical trials in the NICU and PICU: the ideal world is really feasible
Saskia de Wildt, Netherlands
• Primary and secondary endpoints in clinical trials
Pavla Pokorna, Slovakia

Assessing and treating cardiac dysfunction 
• RV and LV diastolic dysfunction in the cardiac ICU
Beatrijs Bartelds, Netherlands
• New onset heart failure – early recognition and management
Shane Tibby, UK

Acute kidney injury in special patients
• AKI in cardiac patients
Katja Gist, USA
• Selecting the right membrane and modalities during continuous renal replacement therapy
Luc Morin, France

Advanced monitoring techniques in respiratory failure
• Monitoring respiratory effort: basic and advanced techniques
Robert Blokpoel, Netherlands
• EIT chest imaging
David Tingay, Australia

Surviving sepsis recommendations– a walkthrough 
• Selecting the right vasoactive drug based on haemodynamic evaluation
Eduardo da Cruz, USA
• A walk through the new recommendations
Pierre Tissieres, France 

Writing scientific papers
• How to write a paper and make it publishable
Jean-Louis Teboul, France
• What type of papers are they looking for?
Robert Tasker, USA

Managing neonatal infections
• Appropriate use of Infection Biomarkers in the NICU: an update
Maria Cernada, Spain
• Immunoglobulins to prevent and treat severe neonatal infections: the state of the art
Francesco Raimondi, Italy 

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