Tech Lab

Tech Lab

The Xperience track represents the unique ESPNIC simulation learning Xperience. We encourage an open and motivational discussion of performance and error, instilling the principles of teamwork in approaches to healthcare.

The ESPNIC Xperience will include 3 virtual tech labs to still deliver you the latest hands-on training Xperience despite the fact we are not meeting in person.

16 June: Simulation Lab
17 June: Transport Lab
18 June: POCUS

Participation is free for all registered participants but space is limited. Pre-registration is required. Register via the online registration form if you are a new registrant. If you are already registered for the Congress email:


09:30-09:45  Introduction to the Sim Lab – Changing in the Pandemic
Anna Zanin, Italy
Gilles Jourdain, France

09:45-10:15  Introduction to Virtual Sim
Reinis Balmaks, Latvia

10:15-10:45   Final Q&A
Reinis Balmaks, Latvia
Gilles Jourdain, France


Breakouts in 4 rooms

11:30-11:45     Introduction to video based cases
Anna Zanin, Italy & Gilles Jourdain, France 

11:45-12:45     Virtual case (Scenario+debriefing) in breakout rooms

12:45-13:00     Final Q&A (in one room)

Instructors list:

Neonatal  (Gilles Jourdain, France; Claire Boithias, France; Alok Sharma, UK; Jasim Shihab, UK)

Pediatric Simulation (Reinis Balmaks, Latvia; Sevil Ozkan, Turkey; Ulrich Terheggen, Switzerland)

Ventilation Scenario (Anna Zanin, Italy, Alberto Medina, Spain; Juan Mayordomo, Spain; Sylvie van Dorresteijn, Netherlands)

 Cardiac Simulation (Laura Butragueno Laiseca, Spain; Santiago Mencia, Spain; Mirjana Cvetkovic, UK; Mehrengise Cooper, UK)


Breakouts into language based rooms (English / Italian / French / Spanish)

15:30-15:45     Introduction to the virtual communication

15:45-16:45     First role play case (Scenario+debriefing)

16:15-16:45     Second role play case (Scenario+debriefing)

16:45-17:00    Final Q&A

Instructors list:

(ENGLISH 1) Mehrengise Cooper, UK; Jasim Shihab, UK

(ENGLISH 2) Mirjana Cvetkovic, UK; Alok Sharma, UK

(ENGLISH 3) Rebecca Mitting, UK 

(ITALIAN) Orsola Gawronski, Italy; Anna Zanin, Italy 

(FRENCH) Gilles Jourdain, France; Laurent Dupic, France; Claire Boithias, France 

(SPANISH) Santiago Mencia, Spain; Laura Butragueno Laiseca, Spain

Limited to 100 registered participants

10:00-10:10                   Welcome and introduction to the Transport lab
Uli Terheggen, Switzerland
Gilles Jourdain, France

Education and Training in Transport 

10:10-10:40                  Simulation in paediatric and neonatal transport
Nuria Millan, Carme Alejandre, Aina Martínez-Planas, Spain

10:40-11:05                  Training ICU staff for neonatal transport – The Swiss experience
Beate Grass, Gabrielle Luetolf  & Dragana Despotovic, Switzerland

11:05-11:45                   New Tech: Haemodynamic and Lung ultrasounds on the road 
Vincent Ollier & Laurent Dupic, France 

12:00-13:00                  Lunch break + Meet and greet
Opportunity to talk to the Transport faculty

HOT topics in Transport

13:10-14:05                    PIMS TS and transport, London’s experience
Padmanabhan Ramnarayan, UK

14:10-15:15                    Paediatric ECMO transport – chances and challenges
Mathieu Genuini, France, Angela Aramburo, UK; Mirjana Cvetkovic, UK; Chris Harvey, UK; Lars Broman, Sweden 

15:20-15:35                    Parents on board, the benefits and potential downsides
Gilles Jourdain, France

15:40-16:10                    Regional versus centralized transport systems
Uli Terheggen, Switzerland

16:15-17:00                   Q&A Session – all faculty 

Cardiovascular management in the pediatric intensive care unit

Introduction to the masterclass
Yogen Singh, UK

Lecture 1. Basics of Cardiac ultrasound
Cecile Tissot, France 

Lecture 2. Cardiac POCUS and functional echocardiography in NICU
Yogen Singh, UK  

Lecture 3. Cardiac POCUS for PICU and Emergency
Cecile Tissot, France 

Lecture 4. Use of POCUS for line placement
Maky Fraga, USA

Lecture 5. Lung ultrasound
Nadya Youssef, France 

Lecture 6. POCUS for abdomen
Thomas Conlon, USA